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About Us

At Turning Point Wellness & Counseling Services we provide a comprehensive approach to mental health services.   Our staff work alongside clients to create an individualized plan that incorporates the 8-Dimensions of wellness.  We realize the strong connections between each of these dimensions and use that to provide a more effective kind of treatment for our clients.
Turning Point Wellness & Counseling Services began in 2019; Robin Joseph our founder, has worked as a Mental Health Therapist in the Northern Virginia area for over 10 years.  Her career began working with adolescents involved in the criminal justice system who experienced emotional or physical trauma, environmental instability, spiritual disconnectedness and/or limited healthy social interactions.  She later began working with young adults with significant mental health concerns including depression, anxiety, PTSD and schizophrenia. Robin realized so many of her clients were highly stressed, overworked, and over committed resulting a decline in their quality of life.  
When people have limited coping skills they will often chose unhealthy methods to reduce stress and emotional suffering.  Turning Point Wellness & Counseling Services works to educate  clients on better ways to manage stress and provide support during times of need.

Meet Our Team

Therapist & Life Skills Coach

Health & Wellness Coach

Therapist, LPC

Therapist, LCSW

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